Welcome to Jack's Floggers

We have been making and using impact toys full time since 2005 and have picked up a bit of a reputation for turning out quality gear for which we have been known to win the odd award ( best fetish retailer 9 times in the last 8 years). In fact it is almost impossible to enter a club or play event in the UK and not see some of our products being put to use.

Buying a flogger, best advice I can give you is don't buy it online. If possible get down to LAM, BBB or one of the other events we trade at and try a few out, this also gives you a chance to compare products from several different makers before you part with any cash. Having said that when we try and get it right for our online customers we usually succeed.

The floggers we make are truly hand crafted, we don't buy in handles or get someone else to make them for us. This gives us a unique opportunity to fine tune our handles to match the leather we use and give you a flogger that is a pleasure to use and should last you a good few years. 

 Unlike a lot of big companies we are approachable and we use the things we sell ourselves, so if you need advice on falls etc. please feel free to e-mail us us or chat on the phone, 07963 225956 (you won't get some sales person who doesn't have a clue -it's a direct line to my mobile).

I AM AWAY FROM 19 FEB - 3RD MARCH my son is holding the fort and may be able to deal with some orders and the etsy sales but won't be available on the phone between these dates 

I list a few of my more unique items on etsy JACKSFLOGGER on ETSY all items on etsy are ready to go and posted within 1-3 days 

See us at the "London Alternative Market" and "Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar" every month.

Also Bi monthly at my local event BRIGHTON TWISTED MARKET (check out the membership deals £35 for 6 markets + 6 after parties) .