Canes, Paddles, Tawse, Birches: Delrin Canes

Delrin Canes

Hand braided leather handles and chrome loops give these canes a very classy look and feel whilst allowing the cane to flex throughout its entire length.

As with most of my synthetic canes you break it I'll replace it for free (just send me the bits back).

This item is available in 3 sizes

6mm X 60cm, a nice whippy little cane with a good bite if used hard 

8mm X 70cm, a good all round heavy cane with a bit more thud 

10mm X 80cm, loads of thud and weight, a very heavy hard hitting cane'

12mm X 88cm  as above but more so. A beast of a cane.

Item Code: Delrin canes
Item Code: 6mm X 6ocm delrin £14.00
Item Code: 8mm X 70cm delrin £16.00
Item Code: 10mm X 80cm delrin £18.00
Item Code: 12mm X 88cm delrin £20.00
Item Code: Set of 3 6-10mm delrin £45.00
Item Code: Set of four 6-12mm delrin £55.00