Solid glass fibre canes rubber sleeved for safety (the only way I will sell glass fibre) and finished with our signature braided leather handles and knotwork  3 and 4mm are particularly good if used in pairs for fast rhythmic caning (think drum sticks)

2mm X 50cm - very whippy light cane pure sting almost no impact 

3mm X 50cm - plenty of sting and a bit more impact (good allrounder and best seller).

4mm X 60cm - a bit more of the above again a best seller.

5mm X 70cm - heavy and quite stiff, a hard hitter and a very different beast to the rest 

Item Code: 2mm X 50cm glass fibre £10.00
Item Code: 3mm X 50cm glass fibre £10.00
Item Code: 4mm X 60cm glass fibre £12.00
Item Code: 5mm X 70cm glass fibre £14.00
Item Code: Set of four £40.00