Canes, Paddles, Tawse, Birches: Ptfe Cane

Ptfe Cane

very dense (much heavier than delrin) with a very soft action so more of a dead blow with no bounce and loads of thud, due to the soft feel of these canes I find they work better in shorter lengths. We finish all sizes  with our signature braided leather handle and chrome hanging loop. These things can be cut with a blade but in normal use I would say they were unbreakable.

Item Code: PTFE canes
Item Code: 6mm very soft action with loads of sting £12.00
Item Code: 8mm heavier action with a plenty of impact and thud £12.00
Item Code: 10mm loads of weight with a serious thud £14.00
Item Code: 12mm super thuddy and very heavy £16.00