Dragon Tails & Single Tail Whips: 4 Ft Signal Whip

4 Ft Signal Whip

We have been selling these face to face at fairs for a while now and are getting some good feedback on them.

A while back we identified a space in the market for a reasonably priced little leather whip aimed at the BDSM community so we came up with this.

Braided from a single piece of high quality oil tanned cowhide so a nice progressive taper right down to the tip. A softish action so it can be thrown slowly and still retain good accuracy.

No good if you are a cowboy or a street performer and it will never compete with a quality kangeroo hide whip costing several hundred pounds but if you are looking for a reasonably accurate little leather whip that will crack itself and not break the bank these are worth a look.

We say 4ft, they come out at between 40 and 48"

Only available on out  ETSY  site or face to face at LAM or BBB

Item Code: 4 ft signal whip £55.00