Other Stuff: Pin Wheel

Pin Wheel

Pin wheels are one of those items no toy bag is complete without, great for sensation play and great for secondary contact with the violetwand. We find the single wheel is the most intense with the multi wheel versions spreading the sensation out over a bigger area.

Apart from being one of the most useful items in the kit bag the pin wheel is also one of the most dangerous (think ambush predator) it lurks in the bottom of your bag waiting for unsuspecting fingers to find it in the dark. To combat this we put ours in a nice firm leather case and make it red so it's easy to spot.

Item Code: Single Pin wheel £7.50
Item Code: 2 wheel £9.50
Item Code: 3 wheel £12.50
Item Code: 5 wheel £15.00
Item Code: 7 wheel £18.00
Item Code: 10 wheel £22.00