Canes, Paddles, Tawse, Birches: Acetal Cane

Acetal Cane

Black braided leather handles give these canes a great feel and look.

Acetal is a little more lively than delrin ( I use the 6mm myself) and I'm getting some great feedback on these.

The white looks great under UV light so good for the club scene.

As with most of my synthetic canes, if you break it I'll replace it for free (just send me the bits back).

Junior - 6mm x 50cm 

a nice whippy little cane with a good bite if used hard.

Senior - 8mm x 60cm 

a good all round heavy cane with a bit more thud.

Item Code: Junior Acetal Cane £12.00
Item Code: Senior acetal £14.00